Imitation Omega Speedmaster '57 Omega Co-Axial Chronograph 41.5 mm Watch Review

08 Oct 2016 06:32
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Omega Speedmaster '57 Collection has become a popular part of the popular Speedmaster watch series as it is in the 2013 Omega Sport modern interior caliber 9300 coaxial chronograph movement in the case of 41.5 mm wide slightly smaller initially introduced than The Omega Speedmaster '57 also uses a more "historic" hand compared to most contemporary Omega Speedmaster's more modern "pin-type" wrist watches.

High quality imitation Omega! At the 2015 Baselworld, Omega did not launch another version of the Super 57's with a very cool retro design. In addition to the "retro" style dial with a frosted black face and old-fashioned Luminant, Omega decided to use a slightly different phone from the 1957 so-called "original Omega Speedmaster".
In a sense, this Omega Speedmaster '57 2015 is the original 1957 Omega Speedmaster table for today's Subaru fans aesthetic simulation. In this regard, it is an undisguised "retro revival" of the watch, but it is done very well and provides a retro look with a completely modern package. So, yes, it is a stylish watch, but the lofty respect of the fashion watch. High quality imitation luxury watches!

A few months ago, I strolled along Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles and noticed Omega with a very tall and prominent billboard that happened to have this particular Omega Speedmaster watch '57 … as well as George Clooney. Classic motorcycles in the desert, Clooney along the wearing Omega Speedmaster '57 and phrases ride "George Clooney's Choice" as a selling point. For mainstream viewers, this message may work well and the attractive design of the Omega Speedmaster '57 this special edition retro-looking dial is sure to please the audience. Can you blame Omega for not getting into the additional details about the watch, which makes full use of history? I do not think so - I think the most interesting is the appreciation that there may be such a watch that can be sold in various ways on the market floor. You can enjoy the Omega Speedmaster '57 as a clockwatcher, or just as a person looking for a nice luxury watch.
Omega Speedmaster '57 Omega Co-Axial Chronograph 41.5 mm 331.10.

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